Songs by You

  There have already been three incredible contributions to my call out for people to send me their cover of the song that saved their life…

Many thanks to these awesome folk for baring their souls and playing that iconic song for all of us..

Sean recorded this majorly reworked version of Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’, describing it as a tune that was both solace and nemesis during a lonely time in his early twenties

Sean ‘Somebody to Love’ (Queen) 

Bella, 18, is obsessed with the power and emotion that classical music conveys, particularly because she is quite the virtuoso on her instrument (she would probably diss me for saying that, but see the clip and I am sure you’ll agree!)

  Bella ‘Edwards Enyato, Second Movement’


As a teen, Jason was often accused of not paying attention due to his daydreaming. The opening line of this about being a dreamer spoke to  him…

  Jason ‘Home Sweet Home’ (Motley Crue)

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