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The Importance of Changing an Oceanside HVAC Air Filter Regularly

Jan 11

While you may have heard us advise replacing your furnace filter a few times, most homeowners don't know that their furnace has one. This is crucial to Oceanside HVAC because we provide excellent service to make sure that your furnace lasts longer than it is. Low heating expenditures and comfortable home will be guaranteed by a happy well-maintained furnace for many years.


If the air filter in your furnace becomes blocked, it will suffocate your heater, limiting airflow and placing extra strain on certain components. The system will need more energy to be able to heat the same amount of water, meaning that HVAC repair San Diego is necessary sooner than you think!


Why is it crucial to change your air filters?


Air filters are a crucial yet often neglected element of central HVAC systems. They do more than just filter out dust and pollen, which would otherwise circulate throughout the house, lowering indoor air quality. They also act as the primary line of defense against harmful substances entering the system. For instance, small particles of insulation could cause fire hazards or damage. If you don't change the air filter often your HVAC system will lose its effectiveness. The most common cause of HVAC malfunction is clogged air filters.


Let's take a look at the advantages of replacing your furnace's filter. There are many reasons this vital component of your heater shouldn't be ignored.


Change Your Air Filter: The Benefits


We know what happens if you do not clean your air filter, however, what are the benefits of doing it on a regular basis? Let's take a look at the options we have.


  • System efficiency has improved. The furnace will work better when it's getting clean air that's not blocked with dust or dirt. Your furnace will function optimally as long as you replace the filter every 1-3 months.

    • More productive. A furnace with an unclogged filter will have more airflow, making it simpler to fulfill its task. If you've had issues with the output of your heater You can anticipate a greater performance. This could have a major impact on families facing a heating system that is getting close to the expiration date.

  • Better air quality. By default, your air filter cleans your home's air and filters particulates before they cause damage to the interior of your furnace. This means that pollutants that had been circulating through your home can be removed by an air filter that is fresh in your furnace.


How do I Change the Air Filter

For those who aren't as familiar with furnaces, replacing or cleaning the filter of your furnace can be a straightforward task. To determine the type of filter in your furnace and the size of it and capacity, you'll have to research. After you've identified whether it's in need of cleaning or replaced, there must be a section near the blower of your furnace or the intake area of the ducting, where the filter is able to be moved into and out.


Replacement of the filter should be simple following that. Certain models may require a new filter , while others could just need a quick rinse to clean the inside. Just make sure the filter is facing the right direction when you replace it in your heater. You'll see arrows showing in which direction the filter must face.


If you need assistance to replace your air filter call the experts at Oceanside HVAC. You can trust the name of this company.

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