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How can I obtain a medical marijuana card for my child?

Mar 28


Everyone has heard of adults having medical marijuana cards issued by 420 id Missouri for themselves. Senior citizens are the fastest-growing group of cannabis users. The public will be stunned when you talk about marijuana for kids. Children with epilepsy, cancer, or other severe conditions often receive extremely addictive drugs. We shouldn't refuse to give them something that will help, but also is far more secure. Minors are also seen by our physicians.

This guide will help parents who are considering giving their children medical marijuana. The guide, even though it doesn't cover all states can help you understand the steps required for obtaining a medical marijuana card.

In order to get a MMJ card for my child, do I have to be a caregiver?

Yes, as long as the child is legally emancipated. They must be accompanied by an experienced caregiver to obtain a recommendation or physician's certificate to get medical cannabis cards.


What is the process for a minor to get medical marijuana cards?

If you are a caregiver for another individual, you may make an application for medical cannabis. Here are the steps to applying for a medical marijuana telemedicine card.

  • Register online to speak with a licensed physician. You will need an ID card for you and your child. Also, a working microphone as well as a speaker on your smartphone or tablet to allow you to talk to the doctor.

  • After the test and your doctor's approval, the doctor will sign off on you and issue a medical cannabis recommendation or certificate. The certificate will be sent to you via email.

  • Make an appointment with your state's Department of Health in order to receive medical marijuana cards. A form to apply for a medical marijuana certification as well as a caregiver's form needs to be completed. In some cases the form for caregivers will be submitted along with the application. On the application for the patient the patient will indicate their caregivers.

  • Medical cannabis cards are available for your caregiver and your child.

  • For cannabinoid-based medication You can purchase it at dispensaries located in your state. But, your child might not be allowed to enter the pharmacy without a valid photo identification.


What documentation or ID do I need to bring my child to an appointment with a doctor who is medical cannabis?

You and your child both require ID. While there could be some variations between states and the requirements for ID may differ the ID you require for both yourself and your child.

  • A photo ID is required. This could be a driver's license, or a state-issued ID card.

  • Birth certificate of your child.

  • Last two to three months' proof of address. This could be an agreement for renting or a mortgage agreement, utility bills (gas-electric, water or broadband bills - not cell phones) or correspondence with an agency of the state (e.g., the DMV).

  • A background check on criminal records may be required in certain states.

  • Two passport-style photographs of your child and yourself.

  • All relevant medical information, including medical notes, progress notes or photographs.

Can medical marijuana be used safely by children? What is the best way to find the right product?

Children who suffer from serious illness are often prescribed addictive and harsh medications. These medicines comprise opioids and benzodiazepines. They can also trigger side effects that last both short-term and long-term. The human body is immune to medical marijuana very well, so overdose is not an option.


Children shouldn't be given cannabinoid-based drugs from their parents. THC is a psychoactive substance that can can cause brain damage when consumed in large amounts. If you are planning to consume large quantities of THC it is recommended to talk with your physician.


Children may find other cannabinoids, such as CBDV, THCA, and CBC as more beneficial than THC. They don't have the psychoactivity as THC and are less likely to cause brain damage.

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