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What should I do if my physician is completely against medical marijuana?

Mar 30


While more doctors are open to medical marijuana, according to 420id Missouri however, some doctors are not convinced that cannabis is a viable option for medical purposes. Some doctors may remain skeptical, but they require more evidence or believe cannabis is more effective than other drugs for specific ailments. Certain doctors may have a background in a time where cannabis was considered "bad" and won't change their minds. You can do these things if this is the case with your family doctor or doctor.

1. You can ask them about medical cannabis.

It's a good way to get to know the opinions of your doctor regarding medical marijuana. Some people might discourage you from using medical marijuana. You might also find them uninformed or lack of knowledge about the topic. Even though they are doctors, that does not mean they don't have irrational or blind spots for medical marijuana.

It's possible that your physician may discuss the use of medical marijuana in your case If they're open to the idea. If they're not knowledgeable beyond what they were taught at medical school, they may be willing to explain the Endocannabinoid System to you. This is a great sign!


2. If your current medication is having a negative or no effect, inform your doctor

Do you use prescription opioids? Are you taking sedatives? Perhaps an anti-inflammatory medicine with a high dose like Flurbiprofen or higher doses of steroids could be beneficial. Do these medications have minimal or no impact on your symptoms? If you feel some of these medicines are not having any effect on your symptoms or making your symptoms worse, consult your physician. They might be more tolerant for medical marijuana. Cannabis is safer than sedatives, opioids, or opioids. It also has a lower addiction rate.


3. Certain doctors are skeptical about medical marijuana.

Many doctors will not believe that cannabis is a viable option to treat a patient until they have completed many clinical trials. There's not enough evidence to support cannabis' use for other ailments. However there are many medicinal benefits, including chronic discomfort and autoimmune diseases.


If your primary doctor remains sceptical or unwilling to reconsider, it might be worth seeking alternative medical advice. This can help you get the treatment you want. Your doctor isn't always the only one to help you.

4. Learn more about the federal laws governing medical marijuana.

Because medical marijuana is not legal in the United States Some doctors are reluctant to endorse it. They may lose their licenses, and be arrested if they recommend medical marijuana.


While this is understandable, we urge you to investigate the laws of your state. Many states have medical marijuana programs that are fully operational. It allows doctors to recommend cannabis for many (usually) medical conditions that qualify. Tell your doctor if your state allows patients suffering from the condition to receive medical marijuana treatments.


5. They are strictly a family physician You should look for an alternative

To safeguard their standing within the community, certain doctors may not allow medical marijuana into their practices.

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