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Medical Marijuana VS Recreational Marijuana in Missouri

Jun 16

1. What is the difference between recreational and medical marijuana in Missouri?

Missouri approved medical marijuana in 2018, and recreational marijuana was legalized in 2020. There are however some significant differences between the two varieties of marijuana. First, medical marijuana is controlled by the state's government, however, recreational marijuana is not. This means that there are stricter restrictions on who can cultivate and sell medical marijuana, and it's only accessible via licensed dispensaries. Additionally, medical marijuana can only be used in specific circumstances however recreational marijuana can be used in any manner. The final point is that recreational marijuana is not subject to sales tax while medical marijuana is. These differences mean that Missouri residents can access an unrestricted and safe source of marijuana, both for recreational and medical use.


2. How do you get a Missouri medical marijuana card?

Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services is able to issue a medical marijuana card to anyone with an eligibility health condition. These steps will assist you to obtain a medical marijuana card in Kansas City. The first step is to get a signed certificate from a licensed doctor. The physician then has to fill out an online form and send it to the department. Once the application is approved and the patient is issued a registration card valid for one year. Patients must renew their registration every year after their application is accepted. A qualifying requirement is required to receive a Missouri medical marijuana card.


3. What are the advantages of getting medical marijuana cards in Missouri?

In Missouri, medical marijuana is legal in Missouri for people who possess a valid card. There are many benefits to having a medical marijuana card that including the right to own and use marijuana for medicinal purposes. With a card, patients can visit dispensaries and purchase cannabis products made to treat their specific conditions In addition, cardholders can cultivate their own marijuana plants, which allows them to reduce costs and gain more control over the quality of their medicine. Additionally, having a medical marijuana card provides patients with peace of mind that they're not violating the law. Cardholders can rest assured that they're getting safe and effective treatment without risking being arrested or charged.

4. Where can you buy recreational marijuana in Missouri?

Presently, the only option to purchase recreational marijuana in Missouri is by visiting a dispensary that is licensed by the state. To purchase cannabis at dispensaries, customers need to be issued a medical marijuana certificate from a physician who is licensed. After they've obtained a card, they can buy up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis per visit. Dispensaries can only offer pre-rolled joints as well as flowers. However edibles, edibles, and other forms of cannabis are expected to become more readily available in the near future. Customers can currently only buy recreational marijuana at dispensaries that have been licensed by the state. But, this is likely to change in the near future when more dispensaries start opening across the state.

5. Can recreational marijuana be legalized in Missouri?

While Missouri has not legally legalized recreational marijuana, it has legalized the possession of small amounts of the drug. That means that possession of under 10 grams can be considered a misdemeanor offense and can result in an amount of $500 in fine. Furthermore, Missouri has legalized medical cannabis and CBD oil for specific medical ailments. As a result, Missouri residents may be able to obtain marijuana for medical reasons with a doctor's written prescription. However, it is essential to remember that recreational marijuana is illegal in Missouri, and possession of larger quantities of the drug could result in criminal charges.

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