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The Perfect Cannabis Joint: How To Roll It

Jan 17

There is no alternative for the traditional joint when it comes to smoking, which is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. But creating a quality joint is not always simple. If you're not cautious, you may create a big mess and run out of cannabis. In this guide, you'll learn how to roll your joints identically to a cannabis pre-roll.

Rolling your joints: A Lost Art

Prior to marijuana being legal, every respectable stoner was an expert at rolling a fine joint. Despite the availability of pre-rolls and other cannabis consumption options, many current users undoubtedly don't know how to make their own joints.

Nobody who lacks the physical skill to roll a joint is excluded from modern cannabis society, of that much is clear. For smokers who can't roll their own cigarettes, there are THC-diamond-loaded joints, rose petal blunts, and oil-wrapped pre-rolls available. However, rolling a joint offers a feeling of pleasure that is unmatched. A hit has a particular taste that makes it seem more deserved when you take one. It's never too late to start rolling your first joint, regardless of how long you've been a cannabis user.

A Guide to Rolling Joints

There are six different steps involved in rolling a joint. Make sure you have the following components before beginning the procedure:

  • The strain of marijuana you've chosen
  • Rolling papers or pre-roll cones
  • Crutch 
  • Grinder

Grinding Your Weed

Grinding Your Weed Cannabidiol (CBD) is most useful after it has been finely powdered. The dried plant should break apart easily. Your hands won't get sticky while using a grinder, and smoke won't drip onto the paper. To break up the cannabis into smaller bits if you don't have access to a grinder, try using scissors or a set of keys.

It is simpler to roll your product when you grind it because you eliminate any sharp edges or stems that might tear your pre-roll or rolling paper.

Create a filter/crutch

Once the cannabis has been pulverized, you must make a crutch, often referred to as a "filter" or "tip," to insert into the rolling sheets. You will need some thin cardboard or a substitute for it. This crutch supports the rolling paper at one end. By first folding your paper into a "accordion" form at the end, and then rolling it up, you may create a junction of any thickness. When smoking a joint, the filter's function is to stop the vibrations from escaping. Additionally, it keeps the contour of your work.

Pack it up and Put it in

When purchasing a cone from a dispensary or smoke shop like Frost or your neighborhood head shop, a little plastic tube is generally provided to assist keep the cone's shape. To make sure that the pre-roll cone is thoroughly packed, use this gadget as a packer. A pencil eraser or any other long, thin item, such as a chopstick, may be used in place of a straw.

Start by pressing down on some cannabis near the base of the cone, close to the crutch. Without initially filling the base of your cone, you cannot get a junction that is exactly round. If you don't load this properly, all of your joints might collapse and shatter.

If you use rolling papers, this is a straightforward procedure. All you need to do is continuously roll the paper between your fingers until it forms a cone.

Twist and shout or rock and roll

The last step of rolling papers greatly affects how well your joint turns out. Make careful to tuck the paper's unglued end inside the wrap before rolling up your joint. After licking the top edge, seal it with a last roll (leave a tiny gap at the end). It will be much easier to tuck and seal if you start on the filter side.

When using pre-roll cones, don't fill the paper all the way to the top to guarantee a secure seal. Roll a piece of paper between your thumb and index finger until the joint takes on the final form of a wick.

The First Smoke

It's time to treat yourself with a puff now that the labor is over. Without bringing your hands even close to the cannabis, carefully light the candle. Make sure the wooden match is totally out of the flame before passing it around if you choose to do so.

Enjoy the taste of the cigarette you just masterfully rolled. Good work! Congratulations, you may now reap the benefits of your newfound expertise as a joint roller.

Now that you know how to roll like a pro, go over to Bud Depot Dispensary in Lyons to get cones, rolling sheets, or if you'd like, high-quality pre-rolled joints. 

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