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Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros

Jan 29

Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros


Driveways are an essential part of every home and are costly to maintain. Driveways with cracked or uneven surfaces cracks, potholes, cracks in the asphalt, and weeds growing up through the joints between slabs of pavement are all signs of an old driveway that needs repair. If any of these symptoms are evident, you should think about hiring a professional driveway paver to repair your driveway.


The signs that mark that your driveway requires repair

  1. Cracked Driveway: Driveways that are cracked on the surface must be fixed since they can cause more serious problemslike potholes, slabs that are heaving, and even property damage.
  2. Uneven Driveway: A driveway that is uneven can make it difficult for your car or truck to have an even ride. It can be corrected by using a slight leveling.
  3. Potholes in driveways Potholes in the top of driveways must be addressed immediately. They pose a risk for vehicles. They could also cause issues like the damage to tires or even axles breaking.

We provide a wide variety of services in the area of repair and maintenance. The most popular repair service that many households need is driveway sealant.

Driveway sealant consists of an oil-based liquid, which is dried to set and forms an invisible layer against water, saltwater, snowmelt and other substances.

This type of driveway repair can be completed in two different ways. Spray sealing is one method, and hand-applying sealants is the other.

Spray sealing refers to the process of spraying the sealant on the driveway. Spray sealing is done by using an airless sprayer or a garden hose with a pump-up nozzle, based on what you prefer.


What's the difference between spray sealing versus hand sealing?

Spray sealing permits you to modify the sealer's components to meet your driveway's requirements, based on whether it is situated in direct sunlight or in shade, or even if it is located on a steep slope.

This is where the sealant is applied directly on the driveway. You could apply a roller and brush or a squeegee for sealing your driveway.

The advantage of applying a sealant by hand is that it can be accomplished at a lower price and using less equipment.


How often do I need to seal my driveway?

Spray sealing should be done every two or three years Hand-applied coatings on porous surfaces must be applied each year. Repairing the driveway with additional sealant materials may be required after the first year, based on how well it's been applied at the time of initial application.


What are the benefits of spray-sealing?

The advantage using a sealant through spray spraying is that you don't have to do any manual work, which means lengthy hours of manually spreading or brushing over your concrete surface. The spray spraying process can also be more efficient in covering large areas than manual methods and is a major advantage.

Spray application and hand application are both effective in protecting driveways from damage. They are both available and can be done by our experienced staff.


What is asphalt surface resurfacing? Does it work for your specific situation?

Asphalt resurfacing involves the process of the asphalt that is left on the driveway, and then spreading it so that it is able to flatten. This happens when it is impossible to use alternative methods, for instance, sealing or repairs.


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